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Project Tango

OLogic has been assisting on Google ATAP’s Project Tango since early 2013. Last week, Project Tango was finally announced with this awesome video announcement showing off the various features of the project: Say Hello to Project Tango!. OLogic was one of the 16 partner companies selected by Google to work on a wide variety of tasks related to the project, from hardware/firmware engineering, to most robotic related tasks and demos. Many items OLogic worked on were featured prominently in the launch video, and we are honored to be a contributor to the overall project. Beyond just the launch video, find more information on the Project Tango Website.

Soon OLogic will show off some amazing demo’s involving Project Tango, so stay tuned for more of an Awesome Future!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

OLogic announced the launch of the Oddwerx Animal dock at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The Oddwerx Animal dock turns your smartphone into a mobile robotic platform using either legs, wheels, or tracks.

DEMO Fall 2011 – Santa Clara, CA

OLogic announced the launch of A.M.P. the Automated Music Personality at the DEMO Fall 2011 Conference. A.M.P. the Automated Music Personality is the world’s first two-wheeled, self-balancing smartphone accessory.

Google I-O – San Francisco, CA

OLogic shows off Google’s new mascot, Bug Droid robots, at Google I-O. OLogic brings Googles Android to life as a real robot, that balances on two wheels, plays Google Music streamed from an Android phone, and controls the robot, using an Android app, designed in AppInventor, Googles newest, easy, drag-and-drop method for creating mobile applications.

AUVSI Umanned Systems – CA

OLogic founder Ted Larson discusses human-robot interaction, system design, and business models for integrating robotics into daily life, along with other panel experts, Helen Greiner (Founder of iRobot), and Jeanne Dietsch (Founder of Mobile Robots).

Campus Party – Valencia, Spain

OLogic founder Bob Allen gives a key note speech about the future of robotics and education, with a focus on sensors, and positioning of robots, in indoor environments. OLogic demonstrated balancing robots, and a autonomous robotic firefighter, to help generate enthusiasm for robot building and robot clubs in Valencia. The complete talk can be found on YouTube at this links developed in partnership with SJAutomation, of Marina, CA.

Toy Fair – New York, NY

OLogic customer and partner Uncle Milton, launches Star Wars Force Trainer Brain Wave Toy. Several sources predict this will be one of the hottest toys for the 2009 Christmas Season.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Las Vegas, NV

In partnership with NPC Robotics of Mound, MN, OLogic demonstrated a surveillance robot prototype dubbed Giraffe designed for looking over obstacles, and into 2nd story windows. Giraffe contains a self-assembling-pole, designed by Ribbon Lift Corp. of Owatonna, MN, with a pan-tilt-zoom camera mounted on the end for surveillance applications. OLogic, also demonstrated many other robotic, proof-of-concept devices developed for customers, and partners.

Robogames – San Francisco, CA

OLogic’s Robomagellan Robot Odyssey, takes the Silver Medal, in competition, by successfully navigating-to, and touching the final cone in just under 1.5 minutes. Odyssey is a fully-autonomous, outdoor rover, designed to compete in the Robomagellan navigation contest.

RoboBusiness Expo 2007 – Boston, MA

OLogic, demonstrated their new, ultra-low-cost, Indoor Positioning System (IPS). Based upon similar technology showcased on the IGOR robot at CES in January, OLogic, has significantly reduced the cost, to make it suitable for high-volume consumer electronics applications, where indoor positioning is needed. Using the OLogic, IPS, a consumer robot can determine its indoor location down to 1/10th of a foot of accuracy for less than $6 in additional BOM cost. The IPS was developed in partnership with SJAutomation, of Marina, CA.