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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Las Vegas, NV

OLogic, unveiled IGOR, a robot that stands for Indoor GPS OLogic Robot. IGOR demonstrates OLogic’s multi-vendor partnering, and systems integration capability. IGOR utilizes an ultrasonic-indoor-GPS system developed by SJAutomation, remote tele-operation developed by ComCam International, and OLogic robotic control system technology. OLogic, also demonstrated a brain controlled robot developed in partnership with NeuroSky (

SRS Robothon – Seattle, WA

OLogic’s Robomagellan Robot Odyssey, takes 3rd place, in competition, at the SRS Robothon, Robomagellan competition. Odyssey is a fully-autonomous, outdoor rover that navigates using GPS waypoints to find road cones in a park-like setting.

Robogames – San Francisco, CA

OLogic’s Robomagellan Robot Odyssey, takes the Gold Medal, in competition, by successfully navigating-to, and touching the final cone in just over 4 minutes. Odyssey is a fully-autonomous, outdoor rover, designed to compete in the Robomagellan navigation contest.

RoboNexus – San Jose, CA

OLogic exhibited their newest balancing robot, capable of carrying a 100 pound payload, and standing back up on its own should it fall over.