Best of Class Technology
Although OLogic has an extensive technology library of it’s own, we are not experts at everything. We have been working with other technology providers in both robotic and non-robotic product domains to bring technology to our library. The more technology we can just easily plug into our customer applications, the faster our customer products can get to market, and at cheaper cost. OLogic is always looking for technology partners to help bring additional functionality to our customers.

Current Partners

Movidius has developed a dedicated vision processing unit (VPU), a complete System-on-Chip (SoC) that can operate either as a stand-alone or alongside general purpose application processors. This VPU chip brings cameras in connected devices closer to the complexity and sophistication of human vision. As a result, the chip enables more sophisticated visual awareness, more feature-rich imaging, and better photography in the devices people use every day.
OLogic collaborated with Movidius and other technology companies on Google’s Project Tango. The Project Tango technology gives mobile devices the ability to navigate the physical world, imitating humans with its advanced computer vision, image processing and special vision sensors.

HUGE Design combines cultural insights, professional experience and a no-nonsense approach to create visionary products and expressions for industry leaders. Founded and led by top talent in the bay area, HUGE is built on the theory that a compact team with a unique outlook can generate big results. They are a small team of product design specialists that come from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds, bringing a unique perspective to every problem. While their core competency is Industrial design, they work with an arsenal of similarly sized partners that are specialists in complementary disciplines, research, mechanical engineering, UX and branding.

Function Engineering provides mechanical design and engineering for product development. Starting with the design of a robotic exercise machine in 1987, they have participated in thousands of client programs across industries including consumer electronics,computing and networking, mobile, medical, robotics, household, entertainment, sporting goods, commercial and industrial equipment, transportation, and research.

Since its founding, Jetta has given top priority to providing high-quality customer-oriented products and services. Jetta’s one stop service is perhaps what most distinguishes the company from other OEM providers. Jetta’s fast, flexible, and complete one-stop engineering and manufacturing service is tailored to each individual customer throughout the entire product development cycle, all the way from concept design to final production stages. This seamless and unparalleled “Turn-key” development solution can transform their customers’ initial product design concepts into real, marketable and quality products within the shortest period of time.

A pioneer in the development of small motors and gear motors known as “sub-fractionals”, Merkle-Korff Industries has contributed to the success of countless commercial, industrial and consumer products since its founding in 1911. After a century in business, Merkle-Korff remains t the technology forefront by providing industry leading brushless, PMDC, and AC gearmotor and motor solutions for applications in the commercial food equipment, consumer appliance, vending, pellet stove, pump, medical and other various markets.

Speck Design is a product development firm. They partner with the world’s leading companies and most promising start-ups to bring forward-thinking products to market and memorable experiences to people.

OLogic is a member of the Microsoft® Robotics Studio partner program as a Solution Provider. OLogic is currently working with customers to deploy Microsoft® Robotics Studio in their robotics applications, across OLogic’s entire spectrum of markets, including Defense, Education, and Consumer Electronics. More details on OLogic and the Microsoft® Robotics Studio can be found by clicking here.

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality. OLogic, specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.

NeuroSky has created the world’s first neural-interface for the consumer market. This means a new level of control for applications as diverse as interactive entertainment and sleep detection to ADHD and meditative therapies. As a technology provider, NeuroSky works with partners like OLogic to integrate and innovate for the future.

ComCam develops network video command and control products and provides solutions and technical services to U.S. government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, research facilities and original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and dealers worldwide. Its goal is to enable disparate hardware technologies not only to communicate better with each other but to enhance human communications employing these technologies

SJAutomation L.L.C. is a Marina, CA based technology development company specializing in ultrasonic systems. SJAutomation holds U.S. Patent #7,047,132; Mobile Vehicle Sensor Array, which is currently one of the most advanced ultrasonic sensor array’s on the market. SJAutomation has recently developed an ultrasonic-based, Indoor Positioning System (IPS), that can track X, Y, and Z position indoors, and it is currently in use by the United States Navy. A X-Y version of this technology used on the Follow-Me Robotdemonstrated by OLogic at CES 2006 & CES 2007 in Las Vegas.

MaxStream, now part of Digi International (NASDAQ – DGII), is the leading worldwide developer of wireless modem networking for electronic devices. MaxStream provides wireless modem modules, stand-alone radio modems, RF design services, and supporting software. Products and services by MaxStream include designing and manufacturing and supporting wireless communications for embedded systems. For more information regarding MaxStream’s products and services, contact MaxStream, Inc. at,, or call (866) 765-9885.

NPC Robotics designs components for battery powered mobility devices. They stock electric motors, speed controllers, wheels, tires, batteries and battery chargers for use in remote controlled and autonomous robotics, walk behind power assistance, and related functions. Their products have been rigorously tested in robot competitions such BattleBots, Robot Wars, Robotica, Battle Beach, Robot Assault, Steel Conflict and MechWars. They sponsored and provided motors, motor controllers, for our Robomagellan robot “Odyssey”.