OLogic Inside

OLogic Licenses Technology
OLogic products are technology, or technology designs. We do custom design work based upon customer specifications, using our large pool of existing technology as a starting point. Most of our customer engagements involve simply adapting something we already have to their application domain. In many cases, we don’t design the entire end-product, just a piece of it. In other cases, we do the entire product design from start to finish. This is all up to the customer needs.

OLogic Designs Technology
Over the last several years, OLogic has designed countless sensor, processor, and mobility, devices for robotics. If you have a project that is underway or just in the design phase OLogic can help you get to market quickly. OLogic has an extensive network of component suppliers, and manufacturing partnerships with factories in Asia for high-volume, manufacturing, suitable for the consumer marketplace.

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OLogic Outside

OLogic Designs Complete Robotic Systems
OLogic has expertise on building robotic systems from start to finish. If you have a service robotics application you need to complete, we can either help you with the design or build you a complete prototype from start to finish. This includes mechanical design, hardware design, and software too.

If you are working on projects needing complete exterior styling, OLogic has a partnership with an excellent industrial design firm, so not only will your project work well, it will look cool too!


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