Modular Design

Stackable, Modular, Electronics
OLogic designs and builds electronics that snap together in easy to use modular ways, using standardized bus protocols so enhancing or expanding the design, late in the process is easy. This also makes it possible for us to easily tap into our existing pool of IP and bring technologies to bear on a problem quickly. OLogic currently has designs for many of the technologies below, plus more.

  • Closed-Loop Motion Control
  • Inertial Measurement (including balancing)
  • Inertial Guidance (9DOF)
  • GPS Navigation Processor
  • DSP/FPGA CMOS Camera
  • Camera Processor Board
  • Sensor Processor Board
  • Sonar Array
  • Firefighting Processor Board
  • Basic Stamp CPU Board
  • PIC Microcontroller CPU Board
  • High-Power Motor Drivers
  • ARM7 & ARM9 CPU boards
  • CSMA Radio interface boards
  • 802.11b Wireless Interface boards

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Innovative Technology

Controls, Sensors, and More
To the right is a picture of a 1st generation prototype of a smart, high-speed digital camera. This camera uses a 1/2″ CMOS imager, capable of capturing 640×480 pixels at 90 fps. Processing is handled by an FPGA, coupled with a high-speed CPU. Image processing can be completely handled in the camera, and separately from any on-board CPU in the application. By packaging the heavy lifting of the processing inside the camera more frames can be processed for vision applications, faster. The next generation of this camera will use a DSP for processing, and will deliver its results via a simple, high-speed bus protocol such as LVDS.

This is one of many examples of innovative technologies OLogic has designed for use in robotics, that now can be easily adapted for use in other product domains such as industrial inspection applications, or medical products.

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